QUALITY COMPONENT STATEMENT* PLEASE READ The HARD WEARING PARTS of our machines only contain British or Japanese KOYO bearings. In Testing, Danelander's Bearing choices, have conclusively proven to be the best for durable long service life. Hence a 2 year warranty on all our machines . Danelander Gear Boxes are the best and enjoy and enjoy a very long 5 year warranty. All these features ensure your purchase from Danelander, has great longevity built in and will be working for you for a long time to come.
CAPTAIN COMPACT TRACTORS Without question , Captain Compact Tractors lead the way in the UK. Captain Tractors come with big Tractor fitments such as ..... double Hydraulic pumps, Synchro gears, Auto sensing Rear Links with Draft and Position controls etc.. Mitsubishi or UK derived Engines /LUCAS & BOSCH parts feature standard. Finish Build is completed in the UK by Aviation Engineers and Inspectors , so Captain quality is assured.
GRASS TOPPERS "BIG BUSTER" RANGE Danelander "BIG BUSTER" Range for the tough turf, field and woodland cutting...nothing too tough for these Commercial Heavy Duty Grass Toppers available in 4/ 5/ 6ft and 7 ft widths and fit Tractors 15hp up to 120 hp.( see descriptions and please ask us about fitting to your tractor to ensure optimum performance )
GRASS, FIELD, PADDOCK & LAWN MACHINERY All Danelander Grass/ Field Equipment has 2 year component warranty and when fitted , a massive 5 year Gearbox warranty ! All our bearings are either British/ EU made or are ( model dependant ) Koyo Bearings from Japan . Our Wheels/ Rollers, are industry leading Heavy Duty design ( thicker tyres and larger bearings with good old fashioned Grease Nipples ! ).......we go the extra miles ....literally :-) CLICK TITLES BELOW TO VIEW RANGE

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