Land Rake

Land Rake

The Land Rake is a useful addition to any compact tractor fitted with a standard cat one 3-point linkage. Fitting and removing takes minutes and turns your tractor into a superb landscaping tool.
10mm heat treated spring tines set at 6 tines per 300mm will produce the finest tilth ready for planting.

Useful for aerating and weeding the tines can also be angled or reversed for leveling and spreading of soil, compost, bark chippings etc. Also a great tool for renovating and leveling gravel paths, removing cut grass docs etc from horse paddocks.

This really is a multiple use tool it has even been extended to remove weeds from a pond and even seaweed from the beach.

HDuty 1.2Metre Land RakeLR001 494.00
HDuty 1.2Metre Land Rake
HDuty 1.5 Metre LAND RAKELR002 595.00
HDuty 1.5 Metre LAND RAKE
HDuty 1.8 Metre LAND RAKELR003 696.00
LARGEST HDuty 2.1 Metre Land RakeLR004 797.00
The largest Landrake in the danelander Range to ensure that you can rake beyond your Tractors wheel width where needed. Also for where Rake needs to be angled but maintain wider width still (remember that an angled rake reduces overall width)

Customer Reviews

Excellent kit!
Reviewed by Justin L from UK / Mallorca

A truly excellent piece of equipment and incredibly versatile. From simple leveling and raking in the 0 degree configuration, to really effective snow-plough-like stone removal at 30 degree configuration, to effective pushing and back-piling of stones and general detritus in the reverse 180 degree configuration this implement is essentially indispensible on my small ‘finca’ in Mallorca. Perfect packaging and pallet delivery from the UK to Spain by Stephen and team, easy and quick to assemble.

April 2013
This review applies to the HDuty 1.8 Metre LAND RAKE version.
Great Flexibility
Reviewed by Peter Smith from Aberdeenshire

Very well made and very versatile being able to rotate the rake through 360 degrees and any angle between. Straightforward to assemble.

January 2013
This review applies to the HDuty 1.2Metre Land Rake version.
Great Piece of Kit!
Reviewed by Mike Ramsay from Northampton

Levelled off 200 tons of top soil and it looked like the M1 when I had finished.Very simple but very effective!

November 2010
This review applies to the HDuty 1.8 Metre LAND RAKE version.

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